Knights of the King is a ministry dedicated to living out Jesus’ mission for us here on earth. (Matthew 10:7-8) 7And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. God has given every believer the same ministry – the ministry of reconciliation. We are here to reconcile the world to Him. We have been filled with His life and our job is to give His supernatural life to every person.

You may look like a little boy on the outside but that’s not who you are on the inside.” He looked hard into my eyes and I continued, “You are a knight. You are God’s knight. A real, live knight. You have a spirit that is invisible to our eyes but that’s the realm that God lives in along with all the angels and demons, and they are fighting a war. They are fighting for all the people on earth and God created you to join forces with Him, battling with God’s army of light against the forces of evil.”

“On the outside you will meet perfectly ordinary people but inside many of them are in need of healing, deliverance and salvation. They are desperate for help and the enemy has vowed to steal, kill and destroy as many as possible. As God’s knight, you are here to rescue the people. God has given you a great sword of light that He is teaching you to use, and it is mightier than anything you can imagine.” “This is a war more real than anything here on earth and you are in training to change the future of mankind. You have been given God’s power to use like a superhero, with this amazing God-life energy coming out of your hands and mouth and eyes. You‍‍‍ have been given the mission to give God’s invincible, unstoppable life that make miracles happen. Your job is to train, run to the battle, fight and win. You will help save people and change the world, but you have to understand who God made you to be.

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One night I walked into my little boy’s room and found him crying. I sat down on his bed and he said, “Is this all there is, Mom?” I asked him what he meant and he said, “You know, I get up‍‍‍, I go to school, I do homework and play and then I go to bed and do it all over again the next day. And when I get older I’ll just have a job and do that every day. Is that all there is?” I had asked that very same question hundreds of times in my life but now I knew the answer. When I discovered it, this answer changed me, and it changed him. I told him who God created him to be. “No, that is definitely not all there is. We do all those things in life but those are just the details; that’s not why you’re here.

You are God’s knight to serve the King of Kings. You bowed your knee before Him when you made Jesus your Savior and Lord, then He knighted you, dressed you in shining armor and promised to train you and dispatch His heavenly forces to fight with you in the battle. It’s more real than you will ever know. School, homework and playtime? Those are just details. You are a knight of the King, and if you want to really be who God created you to be, He will teach you every day more and more about what that means.”

That's the story of how our ministry was named. Once our eyes were opened to who God made us to be, we had to share the good news. When you bowed your knee to the King of Kings and surrendered your life to Him, He made you His knight. You were made for relationship with God, dominion over evil, and service to God and human‍‍‍kind.

Our Story

"you are a knight.

you are God’s knight,

a real, live knight."

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