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Want more out of your Bible study time? Life Transforming Bible Study was written to equip the reader with methods and tools to get answers to questions from God Himself through the Bible. This material is wonderful for a group study, for those who want to know and experience God's promises in their lives and for those who desire to regain the spark of joy and excitement in Bible study.

Bite-sized sections are perfect for a daily devotional or a one-on-one coffee-cup length study, discussion, and application. In an upbeat and inspirational style, the authors give the reader fresh ideas for Bible study with proven methods and techniques, along with personal stories and lessons ‍‍‍lea‍‍‍rned.

Walk-through exercises show readers that they can easily incorporate these powerful tips and make a life-changing impact. With the surprisingly simple, practical techniques in this book, you can shift your relationship with God into overdrive and turn Bible study into a joy-filled, productive experience that lasts a lifetime.

  • Learn our top twenty proven methods for getting truth from the Bible.
  • Utilize our list of favorite FREE power tools for Bible study.
  • Develop your own Bible study process that gets results.
  • Receive revelation from the Holy Spirit through Bible Study.
  • Recognize God’s truth and transform your mind, attitude and life.
  • Hit the ground running with quick start tips and step-by-step instructions.

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Life Transforming Bible Study‍‍‍

‍‍‍How to Get God's Truth for Yourself

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